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    The team here at LCL Reviews takes a look back at all the moments that made us cry, laugh, and scream during Lucifer S6. Warning: SPOILERS. Read More +
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Tuesday, 24 November 2020 16:43

About Us

Lets showcase our creators and writers:


Lev @neuralcluster (April)

Admin and editor. Admirer of many shows with deep Sci-Fi and fantasy storylines: Lucifer, Doctor Who, Farscape, Star Trek. She is mostly based in the visual creative arts but also enjoys the world of reviewing. Being in fandom since she was just a kid, she's always been excited about the world of fiction. Other hobbies include music and singing, the beach, and spending time in bed with a good book.

Lucks eterna (Lindsay)

A big fan of TV shows, movies, sports, and books. Some of her favorite shows include Lucifer, Once Upon a Time, Arrow, and Castle. When she's not fangirling over TV shows, she enjoys watching football and hockey and reading fiction books.


Loves TV shows and movies across all different genres. Some of her favorite shows include Lucifer, Grey's Anatomy, and Once Upon a Time. When she's not busy writing, she's enjoying tea, crumpets, and other British things.


Tuesday, 24 November 2020 14:19

More TV Reviews Coming Soon

So far we've reviewed season 1 of The Crown, Cobra Kai, Lucifer and more. We are looking forward to reviewing TV shows.

Coming SOON: Schitt's Creek, more Lucifer, The Crown season 2. STAY TUNED!

Vidders:  Leviathan (AKA RedKRush), HumansRSuperior
Music: It's all Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion
Description:  Back in 2007, Leviathan and HumansRSuperior agreed to collaborate with a group of other Smallville vidders using the song listed above.  Each person chose a section and the couple assigned.  After we had both done our sections, the collaboration pretty much fell apart and the video was never finished.  However, not to let any of our work go to waste, I joined both sections and am streaming them here. Leviathan starts it out with the Clark/Chloe section and HumansRSuperior finishes it up with the Clark/Lois section.  One day the video may get finished, but since neither of us are in the Smallville fandom anymore we probably wont even notice.

Saturday, 05 January 2008 11:52

Doctor Who: Winter in My Heart

Vidders:  raspberry_splat (AKA RadiantAerynSun), HumansRSuperior, Leviathan
Music: Winter in My Heart by Vast
Description:  Without Rose, the light and warmth in the Doctor's life fades, and he sinks into a cold world of darkness. This video is dedicated to larissa-j. This is a video collaboration done by raspberry_splat, HumansRSuperior, and Leviathan.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020 15:53

Lucifer: Like I'm Gonna Lose You

Vidder: Lev
Music: Like I'm Gonna Lose You

Monday, 27 July 2020 13:35

Lucifer: Zen

Vidder: Lev
Music: Zen
Description: Lucifer. Lots of thirst, maybe some colorful words.

Sunday, 19 April 2020 15:31

Lucifer: Rewind

Vidder: Leviathan
Music: Rewind by Absofacto
Description: Back to the beginning.

Saturday, 07 December 2019 13:59

Lucifer: Die Happy

Vidder: Leviathan
Music: Die Happy by Dreamers
Description: So alive-I felt like I could die happy for a moment. Happy 'cause you stole my spare time

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 15:06

Lucifer: Intervention (Season 2)

Vidder: Leviathan
Music: Unforgiven, piano rendition on Lucifer S2E6
Description: Lucifer deals with his mum's manipulation as well as his emerging feelings for the detective with doctor Linda's help. A season 2 video.

Friday, 11 October 2019 16:01

Lucifer: Creep

Vidder: Leviathan
Music: Creep, piano rendition sung by Tom Ellis (S04E01)
Description: The memories of Chloe that haunt Lucifer every time he sits at the piano to play Creep. Spoilers through Season 4 episode 1 - "Everything's Okay".

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