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Thursday, 16 December 2021 10:18

Toss a coin to your Witcher because it's back and better than ever!

Written by Charly

Right from the get go in episode 1, the storylines, the dynamics and the themes of destiny, legacy, morality and family are always occurring throughout the first 6 episodes.

Season 2 comes with a few upgrades and we aren't just talking about the improved nilfgaardian armour! The pacing of the season flows so much more nicely now that we have set everything up from season one which allows the main plot to really get traction as well as room for developing more relationships. The dynamics from relationships we explored in season 1 are further developed and some fantastic new ones that you will see in season 2 are introduced.

You will see Geralt and Ciri develop their father/daughter relationship whilst each dealing with losses and heartbreak from season 1. It is something that the two actors really brought to life in their scenes and felt very authentic. After all, this is one of the most important relationships of the entire series.

photo copyright Netflix

Ciri as an individual was much more enjoyable this season, as she goes from a girl constantly on the run, to a girl who gets back up after every hit, with passion and drive that is so very refreshing to see in her (it almost reminds us of a certain violet eyed witch). Yet, under it all she still showcases that childlike vulnerability which really encaptures the fact even though she is turning into this strong fighter, she still is just a child and the things she has gone through leave a mark.

Geralt himself this season has more to say and we love that because it really gives his character a multidimensional aspect which makes us love him even more. We definitely see more emotion on the witcher's face especially in regards to his brothers, Vesemir, Ciri and mentions of Yennefer.

photo copyright Netflix

We find Yennefer with Fringilla and Francesca, and the three woman play beautifully off each other, each driven by different goals yet there is a sense of familiarity between them all. We do love some strongly written woman.

photo copyright Netflix

Yennefer is also a complex character that goes through quite a fair bit this season and she is personally becoming one of my favourite characters on tv. Her complexity and drive is prevalent again this season yet with a more grounded perspective.

One of the main aspects of The Witcher story I've always loved is the found family trope and that's what Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri are. Even when all 3 aren't present, there is the underlying feeling that they should be. The hints and parallels of the characters make it obvious that their goals and wants in life are the same. Wether a mutant witcher, powerful sorceress or child of destiny, all they really want it to belong.

Also to the Yennefer and Geralt shippers, you have some certain things coming your way, so look forward to that.

Yes, do not fret, our favourite bard does return and frankly, in an iconic way (should we expected it in any other way?). Jaskier hasn't been sitting around idle either, he's got a brand new song for you all to experience with....quite the range of emotions. He also has some beautiful scenes with unexpected characters and quite honestly it was one of my favourite moments of his so far!

photo copyright Netflix

As much as we would love to go into more depth, we shall save that for when season 2 is released (Friday 17th December). Believe us, there is a lot to talk about!

Season 1 of The Witcher is available to stream on Netflix now and Season 2 will be from the 17th December.

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