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Saturday, 23 October 2021 09:24

To One Hell of a Fandom: Celebrating Lucifer Fans' Talent and Passion For The Devilish Show Featured

Written by Charly, Lucks and Lev

One of the best things about a fandom is not just the series itself, but it's the passion and talent. The imagination and creativity the fans place into the world. From lengthy and beautifully written fanfiction to incredible pieces of art, these contributions keep the fandom alive even after a show might be over and it's about time that was celebrated!

The Lucifer fanbase has been around since 2016 when the pilot aired (earlier if you had read the comics, though the series went in a different direction). Since then, there have been so many creative pieces of work surrounding the show put forward and it has only grown during the years and popularity. What started as the little devil show that could transformed into one of Netflix's biggest hits and the fans' passion for it played a big part in that.

Here at LCL we wanted to showcase some of these incredible creative outputs. We will preface by saying the works shown here only touch the surface of the vast amount of talent in this fandom! We implore you to look at all the others out there and we wish we could highlight them all but alas....

We took to asking Lucifer fans what their all time favourite fanarts, fanvideos, gifmakers and fanfictions were. Here you will find just a few of the ones that were given to highlight the dedication and imagination these fans possess.



Fanart is one of the most beautiful forms of expression of love for a series that we know. The dedication and artistry that result after hours of blood sweat and tears is just incredibly underrated. And these artists let us have these things for free?! They are truly god sent miracles. We know co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich also has a soft spot for all the Lucifer Art and we can't blame her. I mean, just take a look at some of these masterpieces:

(Some fanart below might be considered slightly mature so continue at your own discretion)


Speaking of art, how about we talk about the fans who got permanent art inked onto their skin! That's dedication right there! Here are some Lucifer inspired tattoo's from several fans and we have to say they are 'incredible':

Fan video editors and gif makers

We have to also applaud the hard work of the video makers and gif makers in this fanbase. The hours spent putting these things together and in creative ways that leave other fans enjoying and crying over these projects are very much appreciated throughout the fandom. Obviously there are so many more talented creators out there but here are just a few who fans named as those who make some of the most amazing video edits and gifs for the fandom to consume regularly:

Video Creators:

@knight_vision | Youtube
@aechantings | Instagram
@theresa_d_9 | Youtube
@breezybree | Youtube

Gif Makers:





When we asked you Lucifer fans what your favourite fanfics were, you certainly were passionate about it! We had hundreds of stories being put forward and a good amount of them several times by different people! These stories range from canon compliant, divergence to straight up AU's with everyone's favourite tropes thrown in too. The word count of these stories can range anywhere from 5,000 up into the 200,000's! Plus some of these stories have over 100,000 views!!!

The time and effort put into these stories is clear and certainly appreciated by a large majority of the fandom. So here are several stories that were the most popularly suggested and seem to be quite literally this fandom's most read stories:

(Please be mindful of the tags and ratings of these stories if interested in reading any linked below as they may contain mature content!)

Believer by JCBeckett (M)

Caging the Devil by Hircine_Toast (M)

Castaway by Ariaadagio (M)

Crystals by Okamishadou98 (M)

She's Got The Devil's Eyes by CrimeSolvingDevil (M)

There's No Music In Hell by The_Falcon (T)

A Refraction of Light by matchstick_dolly (M)

From Eden by lucygerm (M)

My Boss The Devil by usuallysunny (M)

Faking It by Helenas_Mangos (M)

A Softer Beginning by Wollfgang (T)

Glass Houses by evenhisfacewasanalias (M)

A Life Worth Living by SpeakOfTheMe (M)

Rebehold The Stars Series by MightBeAWriter (T/E)

What a wicked game you play by morningstars_x (E)

What's This? By NotOneLine (T)

Misguided Ghosts by Petrichorishly (G)

This is Where We Find Our Peace by Okamishadou98 (T)

Marks of The Beast by matchstick_dolly (M)

Miles From Where You Are by usuallysunny (M)

Too Well Tangled by Wollfgang (M)

We hope you enjoyed the showcasing of just several out of thousands of talented and creative works from fans in the LuciferNetflix universe from across the world. To all those who use the brush or the pen or the computer, to the hours you spend perfecting your work and sharing it with the rest, thank you. You help fuel the fire that keeps the passion for the show and it's characters alive, every single one of you.

To the fans who might not do any of these things, you are still so important to the fandom. Every tweet, every viewing, every discussion, every positive interaction with others is leaving your own mark too and it wouldn't be the same without each and everyone of you. Cheers, to one hell of a show and one hell of a fanbase!

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