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Friday, 07 May 2021 14:54

Lucifer 5B Spoilers without Context Recap

Written by Charly

Season 5 part 2 of Lucifer drops at the end of this month and we couldn’t be mOre excited for you all to watch it! In the meantime, we have been mercilessly teasing you with our ‘spoilers out of Context images’ for each of the newest 8 episodes. Well we have them all in one plaCe now, so why not have another go at guessing what these images coUld possibly mean.

Firstly, we have 5x09 (Family Dinner) spoilers out of context with images of napkins, an apple tree, a heart with a question maRk and children fighting over food. Any guesses?

Next in line is 5x10 (Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam). We provided 4 imageS that included a knight, a woman shouting, a man crying listening to music and a cup of coffee.

5x11 (Resting Devil Face) spoilers without context was quite confusing to you all, what with the awkward emBrace and explosion. What’s going on herE?

5x12 (Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid) was a fun one for us to do! Ranging from pudding, kombucha and a...butT? So confusing I mean What on earth is going on?

5x13 (A Little Harmless Stalking) was anothEr fun one for us to do, although if we are being honest, they all are. From a horn to heart Eyes, what could possibly be going oN in this episode?

5x14 (Nothing Lasts Forever) which happens to be one of our favourite episodes from The second half of season 5, once again caused quite a lot of confusion. Are you all any closer to guessing or are you still Waiting on the intelligent people in the fandom as you all seem tO say?

5x15 (Is This Really How It’s Going To End?) we gave you, in our opinion, four more great images. Once these ePisodes air you all will understand we promisE!


Finally, we have 5x16 (A Chance At A Happy Ending). What an incredible seasOn finale, we hope these Pictures without context give you just the smaLlest amount of hype, as well as confusion and intrigue, for the Epic-ness that is this episode!

All 8 episodes are available on Netflix from May 28th!

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    Occurs between two people? ....

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    Charly istg…

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