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Saturday, 03 April 2021 16:57

10 things we are looking forward to in Lucifer 5B

Written by Lucks, Charly and Lev
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photo copyright Netflix

With the second part of Lucifer season 5 approaching (May 28th, yes we finally have a date!) we thought to ask the fans of the devilish show what things they are looking forward / hoping to see in 5b. We have compiled a list of 10 things in no particular order. Don't worry there are no spoilers to be had here.

1. Family Dinner
The chaos that is sure to happen in the first episode of 5b when the oldest family in history get together for a sit down meal is something we are all eagerly awaiting. Who will be there? What subjects will be brought up? We are very excited to witness this 11 minute long scene.

2. Lucifer's 'I Love You'
This is a pretty obvious one, we've been waiting for awhile and were so close to hearing those words until time stopped. Poor Chloe. How Lucifer will finally say "I Love You" to the detective is up for debate. Will it be in the heat of the moment? Will it be soft and tender, out of the blue? Or will it be a beautiful romantic speech? Whatever it is I'm sure we will all be swooning if/when it happens.

photo copyright Netflix

3. Wings and Special Effects
The special effects for this show have just been amazing, especially in 5a (that glass shattering in a no time dimension to name one) so fans are incredibly excited to see what the vfx team brings this time round! Also we very much need to see more wings thank you. Seriously, we can't get enough of those glorious wings.

photo copyright Netflix

4. The Musical Episode
We got a taste of the musical episode titled Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam back in September 2020 and ever since we saw our favorite characters sing and dance to Another One Bites the Dust, fans have been excited to see more. What other songs are in the episode and just what exactly is causing them to uncontrollably sing in the first place are questions we’re looking forward to see answered.

5. The Ring's Immortality
Lucifer's ring (which originally came from Lilith) isn't delved into in 504 for no reason. We believe there's more story to be had regarding the ring that Lucifer never goes without. Lilith blew her immortality into it, became human and then gifted the ring to Lucifer. He has worn it ever since. Does it really hold immortality and what will it be used for in 5B? Time will tell.

photo copyright Netflix

6. God's Interactions With Everyone
We can't tell you how hyped we are to see God's interactions with all our favourite characters. From Lucifer (the one he abandoned), Chloe (the one he created by hand), Ella (his biggest believer who won't even know), Linda (the mother of his first ever grandchild) and Dan (the guy who slept with his ex wife... Good luck Dan!), to just point out a few! It's certainly going to be a range of emotions and effect all our characters in some way.

7. Maze and Eve Reunion
Deckerstar aren't the only relationship we are rooting for, therefore we can't wait for Eve's return and her reunion with our favourite demon, Maze. We expect things might be rocky for the two of them to begin with but we have every hope they will find their way back to each other after they have found themselves and become the power couple we know they can be!

photo copyright Netflix

8. Chloe Finds Out About Lucifer's Sacrifices
In a recent interview, show runner Joe Henderson confirmed that Chloe will find out everything that Lucifer has done for her over the years. Killing his brother Uriel to keep her safe and going to hell and back to get an antidote to save her from poisoning are just a couple of the many things Lucifer did to protect his love over the years and we hope these come out. We can’t wait to see how these feats get brought up again and how Chloe reacts.

photo copyright Netflix

9. Michael’s Motivations
When Lucifer’s twin brother showed up in 5A and started causing trouble, you got the sense that there was more to his plan than he was letting on. What exactly are Michael’s intentions and is he truly an evil twin or just misunderstood? And why does he have a sloped shoulder?  We’re anxiously awaiting the answers to these questions and more in 5B.

10. More Lucifer/Chloe/Trixie family scenes
How about seeing the little family together again? The last amazing family moment we saw was in 308 "Chloe does Lucifer." They played Monopoly, Trixie painted a unicorn on Lucifer's cheek (and Lucifer liked it), and after the game they sang karaoke.  We're hoping for another fun night but this time what will they do? Lucifer plays a piano concert for them or teaches them some piano chords? Stargazing from the balcony? This time maybe we'll see the karaoke? Whatever we get from these 3 will be worth it!

photo copyright Netflix

Do you agree with us? Don't see what you are looking forward to in 5b? Comment below or find us on Twitter and tell us what you are most looking forward to!

Lucifer season 5b airs May 28th on Netflix.

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