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Sunday, 28 February 2021 19:01

Tom Ellis shares a few teases about Lucifer at Empire's virtual convention

Written by Lev
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photo copyright Empire Conventions

Empire Conventions gave us a treat today: an opportunity for a virtual convention zoom panel with Tom Ellis. This was a nice chance for fans to hang out with Tom, ask some burning questions and maybe get some answers right from the comfort of their own home.

Tom was funny and charming and always smiling. He wore his Lucifer hat (with the yellow L), which the fans love to see. His smile and pleasantness was infectious. He wanted to acknowledge every person who asked a question. That is how considerate he is.

Of course, a question he probably anticipated was asked first, and that is if he knows when 5B will come out. His answer is he doesn't know, but he drops a bit of news and tells us that the special effects for 5B are finished and we're just waiting for other things like translation into other languages for Netflix. He also mentions COVID has slowed down the process a lot. He's so nice, and gave us some info to cling on to, but asked us not to quote him on his idea of a release date. Hopefully we will get a real release date shortly.

There were some funny questions asked. One was which cartoon or episode would you like to see a parody of your character? Tom's choice was The Simpsons. He's loved the show for years. Also what is the funniest thing you've ever heard or read online about yourself? Tom laughs and says, "My net worth. It's not true!" Golf gets him through lockdown and if he could go back in time he would travel to the 60's in London.

There were also some other really good, thoughtful questions asked.

Tom spoke of the season 3 cancellation due to ratings and the show's run on Fox as well as the tenacity of fans and the Netflix pick up. Meeting fans, being invited to conventions all showed a different picture of how popular the show was. The next thing we know, the show's on Netflix and all the sudden it's Netflix's biggest show. He is very passionate about this issue and could probably speak about it for hours.

Favorite deckerstar moment takes him back to his favorite episode in season 1 "A Priest Walks into a Bar." The piano scene with Chloe at the end sets up deckerstar in a different, more profound way, he says. It is one of his favorite episodes of the show. Also Tom reflects very emotionally on a song that he considers represents his life: My Declaration by Tom Baxter.

But here's my favorite part of this convention: Tom talks about the musical episode coming up and you can tell he's looking forward to us seeing it. He's excited because he says, "There's a song I got to sing on the musical episode that I've always wanted to sing ever since the notion of Lucifer and Chloe falling in love was a notion. And so, yeah. I'll leave it a that." I am so excited for this song. Tom has hinted about it more than a few times and you can tell he is very happy to finally bring it to the show. What are your guesses as to what it is?

For future projects, Tom has plans in motion but can't go into detail. We wish him the best. Thank you to Empire Conventions for hosting Tom this year. Attending this was a blast and we can't wait for the next one.

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  • Comment Link Rosemary Giovenco Monday, 01 March 2021 14:27 posted by Rosemary Giovenco

    Hi Tom, I watched the zoom call you Did. And I just want to tell you your beautiful and adorable. And I hope you can be with your girls soon. I know you will do well on your next chapter of your career. Love Rose from Tampa, Fla.

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