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Monday, 25 January 2021 11:50

Lets talk about Lucifer's amazing special effects

Written by Charly and Lev

Let's be honest, there are quite a few things in the Netflix hit series Lucifer about a crime solving devil (don't overthink it) that catch the eye. One of them happens to be the awesome special effects created by the amazing team at COSA VFX. Today we are going to tell you our favourites (in no particular order).

Starting off with the season 3 finale, the image of Lucifer smashing through the window with his powerful luminous bloodied wings in a quest for revenge against Cain gave us goosebumps in the first to the latest viewing! Truly an incredible moment showing the power Lucifer Morningstar holds and really brings meaning to the term 'avenging angel'.

photos copyright Netflix

Next we have the heartbreaking yet tender moment in Season 4 Episode 9 where Lucifer looses control and succumbs to his own self hatred and turns full devil. We watch as Chloe helps him realise he has to forgive himself and as Lucifer's skin slowly starts to return to normal, beginning with the area around his heart and eyes, was a beautiful sight to behold. Yes, we did almost cry.

photos copyright Netflix

Jumping to Season 5 Episode 2 next, we get an amazing shot of 'Lucifer' saving Chloe with his wings, flying over the speeding car heading towards them in slow motion. Spoiler: We are kind of salty it wasn't actually Lucifer, but Michael instead. Nevertheless, it was visually pleasing to us all. We can't lie. Plus we did have an equally amazing scene in 3x24 when Lucifer saved Chloe from a hailstorm of bullets with his own wings so we aren't lacking there. God, we love these writers.

photos copyright Netflix

Another amazing shot has to be from Season 5 Episode 1 during Lucifer's time in hell. The devil tries to pretend he's back solving cases in LA with his Detective only to be reminded he is not. The shot of Lucifer removing the LA scenery and replacing it with the ashy landscapes of hell with the swipe of his hand was the perfect and heartbreaking way to shatter his illusion.

photos copyright Netflix

Lastly, it's probably our favourite effect from the series so far: Mazikeen kicking Lucifer through the glass window. Add on the little problem of time being stopped and therefore working within the laws of those physics, meant an incredible scene. Once Lucifer or Maze stopped touching the glass, it once again became suspended in time, only moving when a celestial interacts with it. It gave a beautiful moment that viewers could really appreciate the time and effort that the special effects team put into this scene.

photos copyright Netflix

Check out the visual effects breakdown of this scene straight from the masters at COSA VFX: How they put the breaking glass scene together.

There have been so many awesome special effect moments in Lucifer but these are most definitely our favourites so far! (5b we have high hopes for you) Do you agree? What are yours?

All seasons of Lucifer are available on Netflix.

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  • Comment Link miles Wednesday, 27 January 2021 12:51 posted by miles

    Great read!

  • Comment Link Karen Wednesday, 27 January 2021 07:56 posted by Karen

    Agree with everything said here 😊

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