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Saturday, 12 December 2020 11:16

The Crown season 4 review

Written by Charly

One must admit, this was the season I was most excited to watch due to the inclusion of Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) and Princess Diana (Emma Corrin). These two women were big public figures and even today are still talked about although for opposite reasons.

photo copyright Netflix

I found this season much more entertaining and gripping as once again the cast delivered an excellent performance with the addition of two interesting figures.

One of my favourite moments was Olivia Coleman's performance as Queen Elizabeth reprimanding Prince Charles (Josh O'Connor) for his, lets be honest, annoying and immature behaviour of his marriage to Diana. It felt good to hear our own thoughts broadcasted back to the character.

Applause should also be given to Josh and Emma on their portrayal of the extreme turbulent marriage as Charles and Diana. Their argument in the finale episode was incredibly well done, captivating and tragic.

Personally I believe this season took a turn in the portrayal of the royal family. There have always been hints that the monarchy is cold and sometimes cruel in its manner but the latest season really drives that home.

Look at the story of how family members with mental disabilities were hidden to keep the 'bloodline' looking good. The way a marriage which everyone knew was going to have a detrimental effect on both parties was still pressured to go ahead.

I think this was more obvious possibly due to this season as we saw more through the eyes of Diana, an outsider brought in and it really opens ones eyes to the reality of the royal family in the show.

This will mark the end of another era of The Crown cast as next season will be seeing new portrayals of the royals so yet again I must bid a fond farewell to this incredible cast and the amazing work they have done. Although that does not mean we wont see them again, as proven by the surprising and well recieved reappearance of Claire Foy as a younger Elizabeth during a flashback.

All four seasons of The Crown are now streaming on Netflix and I 100% recommend it.

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