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Wednesday, 09 December 2020 20:27

The Crown season 3 review

Written by Charly

Going into this season, I was slightly apprehensive due to the new cast, but no less excited too. After a brief period of asking "wait who's this again?" within the first few minutes of episode 1, I was fully immersed into the credibility of the characters once again. The actors did such an amazing job, it hardly feels like different people portraying the royal family.

photo copyright Netflix

The season as a whole was fantastic and I have to say I keep on enjoying each season more than the last!

One of the standout episodes for me was 'Aberfan'. A powerful telling of the disaster that took place in Wales, that ended up taking 144 souls (116 of which were only children).

It was heartbreaking. Not to mention the characters' reactions. The royal family who are portrayed as greater beings, on another level, unfeeling almost and yet this catastrophe really brought the humane side of them to the surface. How could it not?

Another moment I have to mention is from the last episode of season 3. A powerful and raw moment between the Queen (Olivia Coleman) and Princess Margeret (Helen Bonham Carter) after the latter overdosed.

These two have always been at odds yet there has always been the undercurrent of sisterhood that remained firm throughout. This was amplified with a rare moment of emotion from the queen to her sister and you could feel the sisterly love they both share for one another. I'm not ashamed to say it left tears in my eyes.

Congratulations also have to be awarded to the rest of the cast, especially Prince Phillip (Tobias Menzies) and Prince Charles (Josh O'Connor) for equally entertaining and deep story arcs this season.

I look forward to beginning season 4, the latest season that was released this year on Netflix.

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