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The significance of the bullet necklace, a review by Charly

Written by Charly
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Why the Bullet Necklace is emotionally significant in Lucifer.

Lets be honest, the bullet necklace has become one of our favourite accessories in Lucifer. It might not look like much but the weight of the emotional significance it holds is heavy for both Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis).

We were first graced with the bullet necklace in 'Vegas With Some Radish' during season 3. After quite an emotional birthday for Chloe, Lucifer finally shows up to deliver her birthday gift. The gift was kept sealed away in Lucifers drill resistant safe that Chloe and co had been so desperately trying to break into.

This is where we are going to dive into the symbolism in this beautiful and frankly my favourite scene. Before we get to the necklace we first have to talk about the safe it was stored in. Chloe was determined on finding out what lay inside it, she was hoping it would clue her in to more about who Lucifer is, what he cherishes enough to keep locked safely away.

Ultimately she was trying to see what was inside his heart. She tried and tried and it was impenetrable, hence why she broke down and told Linda about how she feels that Lucifer keeps her locked out, she feels she is kept out of his heart.

Isn't it interesting how the only thing that is stored in this safe that represents his heart is a gift for her?

(Side note: we don't see what the passcode for his safe is but i like to believe it was Chloe's birthday and you cant take that headcanon away from me!)

Now the actual gift, the simple bullet necklace that represents Lucifer's vulnerability both physically and emotionally around her. The same bullet that showed Lucifer he was not invulnerable anymore after Chloe shot him. And you know what? He cherishes it. He cherishes it enough to keep that very same bullet. Who knew the devil could be so sentimental?

Lucifer accepts how Chloe makes him both emotionally and physically vulnerable & he is willingly handing that over to her in the form of this necklace. Lucifer has opened up his heart and handed his vulnerability to Chloe and to her only.

We notice the bullet necklace a few times after this and each time it holds significance. In 3x19 we see the Detective wearing it throughout the episode even though she is actively dating Pierce (Tom Welling). I personally interpreted this as she subconsciously wore it as a sign to Lucifer, that there was still a part of her that held onto the connection they have romantically. Alas it was a sign that went unread and resulted in the painful moment when Chloe took the necklace off. We are still not over it.

Fast forward to 5x02 and the iconic piece of jewellery has returned after fans adamantly inquired its whereabouts, especially to co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich, the mastermind behind the bullet necklace.

Chloe wears it again while she is playing Lucifer's identical twin brother, Michael, at his own game. She draws attention to it, searching for the last shred of evidence to prove this Lucifer is a fake. The lack of recognition, the lack of emotion in his eyes at the item that holds so much meaning and nostalgia for Deckerstar, sealed the deal.
Afterwards we get yet enough beautiful moment with the necklace as Chloe stands alone on the same balcony where her heart had been broken, and she softly kisses the bullet as she looks down in the direction of her lost love, because she cherishes it too and all it represents.

We hope to see the reappearance of the bullet necklace in the second half of season 5 or season 6.

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  • Comment Link Susan Wednesday, 10 February 2021 18:37 posted by Susan

    Lovely analysis! Thanks so much. I never considered the symbolism of the impenetrable safe/heart. Nicely done.

    My feeling is though that we won't see the bullet necklace again, now that Lucifer has penetrated Chloe ;-) and she has penetrated his heart. Now that they're together, I'm not sure what the significance would be of reminding us of it -- but who knows!? I do love this gift and I didn't know that Ildy was behind this storyline--she's the best!

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