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Wednesday, 28 July 2021 06:25

10 Things Fans Want to See in Lucifer Season 6

Written by Lucks, Charly and Lev

This is it folks, the last ever season of our favourite devilish show. We recently asked the fans what they wanted to see in the remaining 10 episodes. This list is compiled with the most common answers so lets begin!

photo copyright Netflix and John P Fleenor

1. Chloe Learning About Lucifer's Sacrifices

I think we all know this one was going to be on the list. I mean it's been a conversation we have all been dying to witness ever since Chloe learnt the truth. Let's take a moment to imagine the powerful moment of her learning just how far Lucifer has gone and will always go if it means she is safe. Luckily we know according to Joe Henderson that Chloe does find out about Lucifer's sacrifices but the question is how? Will Lucifer tell her straight up? Will she ask? Either way we know its been a long time coming!

2. Deckerstar and Mazeve Endgame

Another obvious one here and we fully agree. These two couples are fan favourites and to think about them NOT being endgame is just not allowed at this point. We honestly don't care how they are endgame but as long as they in some way end up together at the end and are happy that's all we ask. That's not too much to ask for is it?

photo copyright Netfix and John P Fleenor

3. Dan's Redemption

Honestly, we are still in a little bit of denial over the fact Dan is dead but yes we agree. Dan has become such a lovable character over the seasons that his demise hit everyone hard! And to find out that he's actually suffering in hell? Cruel. So yes, we want Dan to finally get over his guilt and move on to heaven to live peacefully in a lake of chocolate pudding. It's what he deserves.

4. More Trixie / Chloe /Lucifer Family Moments

Yes you might recognise that this was on our 5b list as well. But considering the only moment we got between the three of them was in the hospital (that was uncalled for) we are putting it down again. Now that Trixie has lost her dad will Lucifer step up and become a step devil to his little urchin? We hope so or at least some cute moments like we use to get between them all.

5. Lucifer Being Vulnerable Again

Lucifer was initially excited that he was invulnerable again, but that quickly turned to doubt and thoughts of not being able to love Chloe the way she needs him to. Now that he is God, does that mean he will be invulnerable forever? Will the audience get to see Lucifer and Chloe having a conversation about it? We would love to see Lucifer vulnerable around Chloe again or at least get an explanation that makes sense.

photo credit Netflix and John P fleenor

6. Seeing Lucifer’s new God powers

Now that Lucifer is the new big man upstairs, we’re very curious to see what new Godly powers come with this career change. While we don’t think it will be smooth sailing and instant omniscience right off the bat, it will be interesting to see what powers Lucifer will gain and how long it will take him to figure out how to use them. We expect lots of hilarity and hijinks as Lucifer learns how to use his new abilities

7. Ella finding out about Lucifer

Of all the main characters, Ella and Trixie are the only two humans still not in the loop about all of the celestial shenanigans going on around them. While we understand the writers wanting to keep Ella from having proof because her faith is so strong, we think it’s time for our favorite forensic scientist to finally learn the truth about the celestials all around her.

8. Familiar faces returning

Since this is the last season, we’re hoping to see many familiar faces come back for the final run of episodes. We already know from the announcement date teaser that the same cop who pulled Lucifer over in the pilot will return and we would love to see some of our favorite characters like Mum/Charlotte, Candy, Father Frank, and more memorable guest stars reappear on our screens one last time before the series concludes.

9. Amenadiel joining the LAPD

In season 5, we saw a little bit of Amenadiel trying to bust a guy for drugs and reporting a three year old for jaywalking. Whoops! We all gotta start somewhere. In "Detective Amenadiel," he gets a taste of what it's like to really make a difference and then later we see him excited to join the LAPD and possibly work with Dan in the future. Now that plan took a bit of a nosedive with Dan dying and being in Hell, but since Amenadiel can go to Hell we hope we'll still see this duo in action.

photo credit Netflix and John P Fleenor

10. The Characters Getting A Happy Ending

Who wouldn't want their favorites to have a happy ending? Real life is tough so we all long for our fictional world to be happy and satisfying. While the showrunners have said we might not get everything we want, the end of the show should be a satisfying end for the characters and their journey.


Does this just about cover what you want to see out of Lucifer season 6? Do you want to see something that's not on this list? The final season of Lucifer drops on September 10.

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  • Comment Link Deb Saturday, 07 August 2021 11:45 posted by Deb

    Louise, joy, the man is clearly a few years older! N if same shoot as 1st x, he wouldn't look diff

  • Comment Link Louise Wednesday, 28 July 2021 10:06 posted by Louise

    Don't know why people think that cop from the pilot reprised his role- to me the shots of him were from the original filming- why would they go thru the trouble of getting that actor back? ...unless someone knows they actually did.....

  • Comment Link Anna D Gordon Wednesday, 28 July 2021 09:38 posted by Anna D Gordon

    The only thing I would add is Lindadiel being able to be a family along with the addition of Adriana. ❤❤