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Sunday, 14 March 2021 16:57

Tom Ellis Delights Lucifer Fans with a Virtual Convention

Written by Lucks, Charly and Lev
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On Sunday, March 14th Tom Ellis participated in Creation Entertainment’s Live Virtual Fan Experience. DB Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Aimee Garcia, Tom Welling, and Inbar Lavi also had panels throughout the weekend, but this recap is going to focus on Tom’s panel. With his favorite mug in hand, which is full of his favorite Luci quotes, he spent some time with his fans, smiling a lot and maybe even getting a little teary.

Tom took a number of interesting questions from the fans including which cast member is the most like their character (Rachel Harris) and who is least like their character (Lauren German), what motivates him (his kids and his trainer Paolo), and what’s on his bucket list (for Tom, to get vaccinated, for Lucifer, to actually get drunk).

Tom also mentioned that his voice was a bit hoarse from shouting while shooting scenes season 6 this past week (let the fans speculate away at what he was shouting about).

Additionally, he joked about if Lucifer adopted a pet, he would get a Great Dane and name it Dan but then quickly changed his answer. He would get a Great Dane and call it something heroic and then get a Chihuahua and call it Dan. For a 9-5 job, Tom thinks it would be quite amusing if Lucifer would work as a cashier at the grocery store. "Would you like paper or plastic?" he jokes.

The second best question was when Tom was asked what Lucifer’s phone background/lock screen is, which he said was a picture of himself in the early seasons, but is now a picture of Chloe or the detective.

The best question of the panel, in our opinion, was asked by one of our very own writers. She asked, “"What scene/moment in your head, was the moment lucifer realized he fell for Chloe?"

Tom started out his answer by saying, “I think… no wait, I know actually,” which got fans thinking that perhaps this is something the show addresses in 5B or season 6. He continues by admitting it is the scene in the pilot when Chloe got shot. Ellis mentions how it is the first time he uses the detectives name "Chloe" and how its the first time he cares about someone else. Both of these comments were followed by winks from the actor which left fans theorizing. Tom finishes by describing the rest of the scene where Lucifer says “my father will just have to wait for you" and “doing nasty things to Jimmy Barnes and waking up next to her at the hospital.”

This response made every deckerstar shipper swoon and twitter was abuzz for quite some time after the panel.

At the end of the panel, Tom praised the cast and crew for all their hard work over the years, especially during Covid, and got emotional when talking about the show coming to an end soon, a sentiment we all can share.

Kevin Alejandro and Rachael Harris both had to reschedule their panels but you’ll be able to virtually watch them on Sunday, March 28th. All photos copyright Creation Entertainment.


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