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Monday, 25 January 2021 10:51

Bridgerton is this year’s steamiest show that everyone should be watching

Written by Lucks and Charly
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I’ll admit, I’m normally not a fan of period piece movies or TV shows. I don’t long to live in a time before indoor plumbing or yearn to dress up in extravagant and uncomfortable dresses so when I saw the internet was abuzz with a TV show set in the 1800s called Bridgerton, I initially put off watching it.


photo copyright Netflix

When I finally caved and decided to watch it, I was pleasantly surprised by it. I found myself getting sucked into the drama of the Bridgerton clan and the steamy romantic tension between Daphne and Simon. I was even drawn in to making predictions about who Lady Whistledown is and enjoyed following Eloise’s adventures to unmask the writer’s identity.

Normally when I watch a TV show, the storyline of the main characters is what keeps me hooked and the storyline involving side characters is less interesting to me but Bridgerton does an amazing job of creating engaging storylines throughout the season. Even when Simon and Daphne aren’t on screen, you’re still engaged in Penelope’s friendship with Eloise and Marina and her crush on Colin and all of the intricate relationships between the dukes, lords, ladies, viscounts and other royalty-adjacent characters.

While Bridgerton looks and feels like a period piece in many respects, they have some truly beautiful string covers of modern songs such as Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy and Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams that give the romance a timeless feel. We might have listened to some of these covers more than once!

While it might seem like the Bridgerton’s steamy romance is only for women, it has something for everyone to enjoy from boxing matches and a duel that will have you on the edge of your seat to overarching themes about friendship, secrets and betrayal, and love versus duty. Add on gorgeous cinematography and costumes and it’s clear to see why everyone is buzzing about Bridgerton.

If you still haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for? They just ordered a season 2 so you won’t have to part with your favorite characters once you finish season 1 (which will probably take you a day or two, let’s be honest). We hope the Bridgerton series continues. There are 8 books worth of story to be adapted after all (Kate we are eagerly awaiting your arrival)! All 8 episodes of the addictive first season are now streaming on Netflix.

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