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Thursday, 17 December 2020 15:35

Emily in Paris review

Written by Charly
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If you are looking for a fun, cheeky and easy watching show then I would definitely recommend Emily In Paris.

With 10 episodes in the first season, averaging around 30 minutes each, its a quick and easy binge watch that leaves you feeling lighter.

photo copyright Netflix

The story follows a young woman 'Emily' (Lily Collins) who has to live and work in Paris as a representative of a business' American counterpart. Without speaking a word of French that is. Luckily she makes friends along the way to help her, like Mindy (Ashley Park), another American who has been living in Paris for a year, the two form a quick bond and lovely friendship.

Emily especially forms a bond with her handsome neighbor Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), where the chemistry between the two is quite intense. Its a shame he is in a relationship with Emily's other friend, the beautiful Camille (Camille Razat) for most of the season. Seriously, everyone is stunningly beautiful...

Her worklife is even more complicated considering her boss, Slyvie (Phillipine Leroy-Beaulieu) doesn't even want her there and will look for any reason to send Emily back home!

Thankfully, after a rough start, Emily does prove herself valuable but there are many trials and tasks she must complete to increase the social media presence of the company without stepping too out of line and giving the boss an excuse to fire her!

As stated before, the show is a light comedy with an edge of drama but its very easy and thoughtless to watch, so if you are looking for a show like that, Emily in Paris is definitely your next watch!

All episodes of Emily In Paris are available on Netflix.

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