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Monday, 14 December 2020 21:14

Dash and Lily Review

Written by lucks
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Dash and Lily is a cute, fun, heartwarming rom-com that is the perfect Christmas binge.

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Dash and Lily follows Christmas-hating cynic Dash (Austin Abrams) and ray of positivity and cheer Lily (Midori Francis) as they fall in love over the month of December despite never having met.

Lily’s brother Langston (Troy Iwata) comes up with the idea of a leaving a journal with a scavenger hunt in Lily’s favorite book store to help her find love.

Of course, titular character Dash comes upon the journal and completes the game by running around the book store, solving clues, until it culminates in a somewhat cringey dramatic reading of the song River by Joni Mitchell.

Dash and Lily write messages back and forth in the journal, leaving it in various locations around New York, slowly falling in love with each other’s answers before seeing what the other looks like.

The show is tropey as hell and Dash can be unbearably cynical at times and is a little too stereotypical coffee-drinking, pea coat-wearing, New York sad boi for my liking, but the series itself is still enjoyable.

Even though Dash and Lily isn’t perfect, it’s still worth the watch and the 20-something minute episodes go down smoother than eggnog.

If you’re looking for a quick binge that will get you in the Christmas spirit, all 8 episodes of Dash and Lily are now streaming on Netflix.

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