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Friday, 04 December 2020 10:41

The Crown season 2 review

Written by Charly
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I went into this season of The Crown knowing this was the last with the current cast, therefore I made sure I really took note of what the actors brought to their roles and wow did they impress.

photo copyright Netflix

The main plot of this season was the story surrounding the rumours of Prince Phillip's (Matt Smith) infidelity. Matt and Claire Foy played this so well, never confirming or denying if there was truth to the rumours but the emotion they brought was truly intense to watch.

Claire Foy's portrayal as a woman who is put on the highest pedestal, who is untouchable and ethereal yet still struggles to rise above the heartbreaking possibility of the one she loves being unfaithful, is incredible. It's a battle that the actress showcases extremely well in longing looks and the faintest facial expressions.

We also find Margret (Vanessa Kirby) going through a lot of drama herself. After her break up with Peter Townsend (Ben Miles), Margret has been having a hard time of being in the shadow of her sister yet still being controlled by the monarchy and it's often cruel rules. Yet by the end of the season we see her royal highness married and with children, though that relationship doesn't seem very promising.

The rest of the cast are of course, sublime in their portrayals. Season 2 really felt more intense and I loved almost every moment. However, I am sad to bid farewell to this cast yet I am excited to watch the next chapter and see the new cast flourish! With the names of some big stars as well, how could it not!

All four seasons of The Crown are available on Netflix.

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