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Friday, 27 November 2020 15:16

The Crown Season 1 review

Written by Charly
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I will admit, the amount of hype and talk that the latest 4th season of The Crown has generated on social media and in socially-distanced public talk finally influenced me to start watching the Netflix hit show.

As a British citizen I genuinely thought I knew what I needed to about the royal family and its history and had no real interest in it all. However, after just one season I've found myself immersed into the history, the drama and the politics of it all.

photo copyright Netflix

The casting is one of the stand out applaudable aspects of the show. The whole cast represent their real life counterparts incredibly well especially Claire Foy and Matt Smith's performance of their characters. Their similar resemblance and the way they play Elizabeth and Phillip is quite uncanny of the real Queen and Prince's public persona.

The Crown manages to turn things so trivial as how a phone call was transferred in the 40's/50's or delivering news of anything mildly important, so dramatic and intense that it actually left me entertained as much as the scandals did.

Another thing I have to applaud is the attire and how closely the clothing department have really tried to recreate from the real life photos or footage. It was obvious a lot of hard work went into maintaining as much accuracy as was possible and it was pulled off rather well.

I eagerly look forward to watching the second season of the royal show as well as the following seasons, especially with the latest introduction of Princess Diana.

All 4 seasons of The Crown are available on Netflix.

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