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Cobra Kai, a review by lucks

Written by lucks
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If you’re like me and you put off watching Cobra Kai when it first debuted, you’re not alone. When it first debuted on YouTube Red to rave reviews, it piqued my interest, but without a YouTube Red account and with so many other shows to watch, I ended up forgetting about Cobra Kai until Netflix acquired the rights in June 2020 and it began to make a resurgence.

photo copyright Guy D'Alema / Sony Pictures Television

Cobra Kai is a great, heartwarming, and action-packed series that has something for everyone. It has that good old 80s nostalgia for the older viewer that grew up watching the Karate Kid yet it also puts a new spin on the characters you know and love to keep things fresh.

Cobra Kai brings back some of the same characters from the original movie like Johnny and Daniel and brings in exciting new characters like Miguel, Robby, Eli aka ‘Hawk’ and many more. The fight scenes have crisp choreography and the characters all have complex, intertwining relationships that make for a family friendly show that appeals to all ages.

If you still haven’t watched Cobra Kai, now is the perfect time to catch up on the spectacular first season and the engaging second season before season 3 comes out on January 8, 2021. Check it out on Netflix.

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