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Most Popular

  • Farscape: White Shadows

    Vidder: RadiantAerynSun
    Music: White Shadows by Coldplay
    Description: John takes a reflective look… Read More +

  • Farscape: Through the Wormhole

    Vidder: HumansRSuperior
    Music: Fahrenheit by IM
    Description:  John tells his story about being an astronaut… Read More +

  • Doctor Who: Winter in My Heart

    Vidders:  raspberry_splat (AKA RadiantAerynSun), HumansRSuperior, Leviathan
    Music: Winter in My Heart by Vast
    Description:  Without… Read More +

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Vidder: HumansRSuperior
Music: Sing For Absolution by Muse
Description:  Having lost the light and warmth that Rose provided in his life, the Doctor slips into darkness. His smile fades. His happiness dims. Death and misery follow at his heels across the universe. No matter who he meets, friends he makes, lovers he courts, or what amazing adventures he experiences, none of it can dull the pain eating away inside him. And this agony, this burden, manifests itself and grows stronger in each action he takes. August 2007.