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  • Farscape: Stars

    By Administrator / 2007-05-07 13:37:18
    Vidder: LeviathanMusic: Stars by SwitchfootDescription:John Crichton always finds himself at the center of trouble. But throughout the hard times, he finds a home and happiness.
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  • Doctor Who: Learn You Inside Out

    By Administrator / 2007-10-19 17:46:09
    Vidder: LeviathanMusic: Learn You Inside Out by LifehouseDescription: Rose fears the unknown after The Doctor regenerates into Ten. The Doctor adapts to his new personality
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  • Farscape: Thank You

    By Administrator / 2007-05-04 22:13:18
    Title: Thank You Vidder: Leviathan Music: Thank You by Dido Description: Moya crew feel good video  
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  • Smallville: Bad Liar

    By Administrator / 2019-08-22 21:08:40
    Vidder: RedK Rush (AKA Leviathan)Music: Bad Liar by Imagine DragonsDescription: Lois makes it through all of Clark's lies. Focuses on Clark and Lois in Smallville
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Vidders:  raspberry_splat (AKA RadiantAerynSun), HumansRSuperior, Leviathan
Music: Winter in My Heart by Vast
Description:  Without Rose, the light and warmth in the Doctor's life fades, and he sinks into a cold world of darkness. This video is dedicated to larissa-j. This is a video collaboration done by raspberry_splat, HumansRSuperior, and Leviathan.

The video will play smoother if you allow for downloading first. Clips and music copyright their original owners. 
Edited by raspberry_splat (AKA RadiantAerynSun), HumansRSuperior, Leviathan in January 2008. Leave Feedback on Live Journal