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  • Farscape: Stars

    By Administrator / 2007-05-07 13:37:18
    Vidder: LeviathanMusic: Stars by SwitchfootDescription:John Crichton always finds himself at the center of trouble. But throughout the hard times, he finds a home and happiness.
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  • Doctor Who: Learn You Inside Out

    By Administrator / 2007-10-19 17:46:09
    Vidder: LeviathanMusic: Learn You Inside Out by LifehouseDescription: Rose fears the unknown after The Doctor regenerates into Ten. The Doctor adapts to his new personality
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  • Farscape: Thank You

    By Administrator / 2007-05-04 22:13:18
    Title: Thank You Vidder: Leviathan Music: Thank You by Dido Description: Moya crew feel good video  
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  • Smallville: Bad Liar

    By Administrator / 2019-08-22 21:08:40
    Vidder: RedK Rush (AKA Leviathan)Music: Bad Liar by Imagine DragonsDescription: Lois makes it through all of Clark's lies. Focuses on Clark and Lois in Smallville
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Vidder: RedK Rush (AKA Leviathan)
Music: Kill by Jimmy Eat World
Description:  Chloe remains faithful in her feelings for Clark, despite their 'just friends' status. She doesn't give up on him. I felt that the song very clearly spelt out Chloe's feelings of unrequited love for Clark as well as her frustrations with him.

This video will play smoother if you allow for downloading first. It was edited by RedK Rush (aka Leviathan) in March, 2007. Leave feedback on Kryptonsite